Today we commemorate those lost during the "White Terror," in which Taiwan was held in the sway of terrifying obsessive absolutists.

This year, to commemorate the Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, and in memory of Shudo Takeshi, who passed away in 2010, and was highly influential in the development of the cartoon, our headmistress presents you thus with the following:

It's National Cat Day in Japan today! Following a somewhat stressful operation for our headmistress's little cat, we're offering 25% off all fanzines in our etsy store until the 22nd March, with all proceeds going to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

Within the hyperbolic time chamber of the northern base, Oogami Yuusuke hones his skills in a fight to the death!

When we talk about censorship, and what sorts of content should be censored, what we are truly discussing is what is saleable; what can be expected to find a market?

One thousand years in our future, Zweihänder, a knight of the northern wastes, asks eirself what can be dangerous that the guardian of the Pleroma might summon em thus.

"... he had dreamt of a great hall, a terrible presence at the far end of a great table, blind in one eye, a raven upon each of his shoulders, the sound of clattering mugs and raised voices as numerous warriors called out in praise of their one-eyed benefactor."

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, we have the following familiar yet strange tale for you from one of our dear students, submitted initially in the margins of their coursework, assumedly unintentionally.

In the cold of this bitter winter, with the weight of these saddening experiences upon us, we find ourselves this day, considering the meaning of loss.

Two popular old sayings are that if you can't say something nice, you shouldn't say anything at all, and if you think you can do better, you should put your money where mouth is.

"For a brief second though, he did miss the old days, the occasional disputes with Varney, the presence of his faithful dog, Zoltan, forever at his heels. With grace and elegance, Carmilla leapt into an empty armchair, turned once, and settled down to the serious business of dreaming, and a faint smile crossed his lips. No, he thought again, he was happy here, North London had been kind to him, and there were good rail connexions to the city via the Bakerloo Line."

Today is one of those amusing occasions in which two very different flavours of festival coincide upon the calendar, even if only for this year. Heralding the end of the Christmas season, Candlemas marked the presentation of the boy saviour in the Temple, whilst in Japan, Setsubun has long been the precursor to the spring festival, a chance to wish for luck and put to rest evil spirits.

48-years-old, Sara Teasdale passed away in New York City, 1933, from an overdose, her great love, Vachel Lindsay, having died two years prior, also by suicide.

We have been dwelling, brooding, in fact, you might say, upon the lack of definition in our lives right now, of the blur between things we do not wish to know, and the things we need to know to keep us going. The sombre remembrances of today seem as good an occasion as any to discuss such ideas with you.

Your headmistress claims this to be the most vital piece of research material she owns.

In certain territories today, the birth of Confederate general, Robert E. Lee is celebrated. Mentioned by Philip K. Dick as a man who simply chose the wrong side, we take issue with this view, feeling that Lee never really picked any side despite his position as the leader of the Confederate forces.

As many of you might know, our headmistress is having a difficult time letting go of the festive season, and she is clutching onto any excuse to continue with her festivities.

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