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Wishing to capitalise on a sudden overlapping interest between generations, as today is International Sailor Moon Day, we have decided to ask students to document their summer experiences.

Our newsletter for July hath arrived! Adorn yourselves with crucifixes and garlic cloves, we're deep into the Dracula meta now, friends.

Recently, we have found ourselves thinking a lot on what our talented peers are doing, and struck upon the clever idea of trying to depict magical girls through magic realism, before realising that this is exactly what we have been doing since time immemorial.

Whilst the children are in high spirits preparing for the last day of term, it would appear our classics teacher is still enthusiastic about homework!

The summer holidays are almost upon us—yet we have one last theatre related tale to offer, drawing inspiration fro the commedia dell'arte and shoujo manga, we are pleased to present you with:

Before the school breaks up for summer next week, we have been preparing our school play, a production of the Sailor Moon musical, Kaguya Shima Densetsu.

On the 10th July, the company Tsuburaya founded to continue the work he had begun on the Ultra franchise celebrates . The below piece comes from one of our girls, whose enthusiasm for such things, many of you may be more than familiar with.

Today is the birthday of Tsukino Usagi. As this year is the 30th anniversary of Takeuchi's work, and we here at the school have been thinking a lot of magical girls recently, and what happens when magical girls grow up to become women. If Usagi was real, she would be a fully qualified adult now, an undisputable member of Generation X, the MTV Generation now struggling to make their way in a world where MTV has lost all relevance.

Five years! Five years, friends! That's an entire David Bowie song title worth of time. If you had told us that this thing would last for five years, we would absolutely not of have believed you—and yet here we are, five years in.

It is an evil thing, friends, to celebrate the enforced distance between people, to invent excuses to enact cruelty, and, with pomp and circumstance, to dress such notions up in the livery of joviality. Once more, we confirm our commitment to a future, no matter how far away, sans monarchy, sans nations, sans evil.

Dear friends, if, in your breast, there rests the burning desire to read endlessly about extreme metal and Japanese idols, then rest assured, we have you covered.

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