Once more, our lower sixth-form girl, Adrienne Milton, delivers some thoughtful coursework that we felt necessary to bring to your attention, dear reader. patreon.com/posts/fathers-day-

This month, as we are giddy with celebration, we also consider again the place we have in things, the way in which we interact with others. patreon.com/posts/52442729

“Ein!” cried the first child throwing one fist into the air in excitement, a red ribbon fluttering. “Ishikawa Miki!”
“Tvær!” cried the second, blue ribbon about her head and wrists, pale complexion and dark eyes. “Mizoroge Shizuka!”
“þrjár!” announced the third girl with the yellow ribbon, her hair a golden blonde beneath the hood. “Shirley Winters!”
The first girl stepped forward.
“We are—”
“—the Odin Girls Berserkir Club!”

A weapon, a tool, an object; transformed into the war mazine's sword, Sawada Rio finds eirself unwillingly confronted with memories of the past. patreon.com/posts/sophia-xii-5

Well, dear friends, it is undoubtable that summer has now begun. We are hesitant when it comes to making any predictions as to how the current season might pan out, especially in light of the situation we were in last year, however, in a clear and obvious attempt at optimism, we have brought back the Debaser Summer Special. patreon.com/posts/got-me-movie

With lightning speed, Dracula drove his arm forward, two fingers extended, the Shaolin finger jab technique, Soma recognised in alarm!

Well, friends, here we are in Pride Month. Rather than align ourselves with the Pride festivities planned for London that typically take place next month, we decided that we would spend this month following the American calendar and reflecting on issues important to us. patreon.com/posts/death-ii-517

The staff fell against his sword once more, the clash of weapons as he sidestepped, striking out, trying to get his foot behind the other’s leg, to trip him up, send him sprawling—yet whoever this vampire had been in life, it was clear he had been trained in the Northern wushu stances, his slipper’d feet expertly kicking back and deflecting Soma’s attempts to unseat him.

Thrown into the depths of the ocean, Tachibana Yui struggles to make landfall, to discover the mystery of the attacking helicar, and to meet up once more with Oogami and Sawada. patreon.com/posts/sophia-xi-51

He looked up, meeting those kind eyes, that kind smile, and he smiled back, even though there were still tears in his own eyes. She reached out, taking his hands, opening them up and placing a small bundle of sweets into his grasp, and he quickly looked down at the packaging, bright colours, a smiling bear with a halo proclaiming the words, Calohan Family Candy.

‘Mimicry is the first defence of the vampire,’ Ms Samuels had said, slender fingers reaching to the shelves of a towering bookcase, pulling down a heavy leather-bound volume from above her. ‘Mimicry of other forms; the wolf, the bat, the roiling fog. To embrace the dark gift is to mimic life itself. The vampire is possessed of many gifts, and he wears many guises. Do not let yourself be taken by surprise.’

As many of you know, a large part of what we do here at the school involves the preservation of forgotten histories. patreon.com/posts/bruxa-512439

Here at the school, we chuse to refrain from commenting on rumours and speculation, yet sometimes the suggestion of a small promise regarding future entertainment will reach us and we realise that we shall not be capable of avoiding reference to such an absurd possibility, a ridiculous notion. patreon.com/posts/victory-5156

As today is not only Anno Hideaki's birthday, but also, apparently 'World Goth Day,' we thought such might be worth sharing with you, dear readers, as an expression of loneliness and a musing on the division between the self and others. patreon.com/posts/ne-e-5151422

Deep within the frozen wastes of the southern pole is his gaol, his place of imprisonment; deep within the ice and snow, he waits, he watches, and considers his loss. patreon.com/posts/sophia-inter

In celebration of last week's instalment of Sophia! and its inclusion of two previously unseen lecteur de tarot cards, we had no real choice but to add them to the game. patreon.com/posts/of-summoners

The other guy had been swift, quick, lightning-footed even, he could have held back, but he hadn’t, because he had needed to be taught a lesson, he guessed. What had they called the kid? Hermes something? Hermes Hárbarðr? Something like that. It didn’t matter; kid had done his job, message well received, he had gone down in the third.

She felt a thrill of excitement, of anxiety, of nervousness, and in that moment, as the Count spoke to her, as his attention was fixed solely upon her and her eyes traced the movements of his lips, it seemed to her that his teeth were sharper than those of a normal man, that they were pointed and vicious, more like an animal, a predator, than those of a gentleman.

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