@miasmicfungus So we can totally invite the whole crew on at any point. Make lists, whatever :)

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@Jerichovilar @ironchamber I still haven't officially made a *first post* but we're getting there, hahah!

@Jerichovilar @ironchamber Yeah, that kind of deal. There are other mastodon "instances" that you can also link up with and follow so it's not a complete echo chamber though!

@Jerichovilar @miasmicfungus It's not invite only unless one of us sets it to that, but yeah. It's kind of a twitter / email hybrid. Twitter in that it's messages and micro blog posts, email in that we can interact with lots of other mastodons / peertubes with the "handle@server" bit.

@ironchamber @Jerichovilar that was a much more concise explanation that my vague handwaving.

@miasmicfungus @Jerichovilar lol, thanks - I've been explaining it to my wife for a bit today. She doesn't take my ranting shit so I had practice

@ironchamber @Jerichovilar I appreciate the fact that we get the condensed version thanks to her efforts. :p

@ironchamber @Jerichovilar let's much a concerted effort to share this with as many folks as possible in that case - not just former members of the list, but any new friends we've made along the way who we instantly would have invited had we known them previously.

@ironchamber @Jerichovilar *insert "putting the band back together" Blues Brothers moment here*

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