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I assume other places have these little rivalries too, but London is kind of not really a proper city, it's like four different cities all crammed together, and each one has its own culture and dialect and style. anyway, when the gentrification of East London began and the appropriation of her style and imagery was suddenly generalised, I used to get proper pissed off whenever I would see someone who clearly wasn't from East London in white Converse.

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as if to confirm what you already know, that I have terrible taste, I cannot tell you how much I really, really want a pair of these.

we've reached the point where I am just putting entire jars of jalapeños on a pizza.

They say money can't buy happiness but Miss Anthropocene is a good record, actually.

BIG SWORDS!! Friends, a thousand thank yous for all your support these last few weeks. I hope you will all come and join us for the last part of Bug Hunt today!!

Hey, everyone, you know I'm like "that problematic friend", yeah? Please send help. I'm fighting this real desire to become like the biggest NGT48 oshi because I know how uncomfortable the whole thing will be.

you could play Broken by the Scream and early iwrestledabearonce records back to back and I doubt people would distinguish. Fucking wondrous shit. More grindcore idol units, pls.

@melodicake your Tommy icon makes me want to pick a reverse!Tommy icon just to match you but I can't as I am contractually obliged to keep my spooky Sonic Adventure theme for the whole of October.

at last someone uploaded a black and white profile picture for Taylor Swift so there isn't like this one splodge of vibrant colour ruining my aesthetic on my weekly artists on

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Courtneyyyyyy just gon' creep's choices:


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