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I often put off listening to Hurt by Nine Inch Nails because of how profoundly I felt those feelings as a teenager. Listening to a lot of early NIN now feels a bit... incel-y. But, really, that build up in Hurt, the slow mounting tension is some really, really good production, you guys.

no one told me that Miyazaki Miho was *still* in AKB? What has she been doing?! I thought she graduated years ago!!

I remember this happening, and I remember not being able to go, and I regret it to this day.

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this whole episode of AKBINGO! makes me feel so much better about how dreadful I am in the kitchen.

I don't really have the words to do that, but if I was to make you listen to one thing to offer a counterpoint to what you think you know, then I would present you with Mesarthim's synth-driven cosmic loneliness.

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I struggle with the need to express the sheer scope and scale of what I believe black metal can be whenever I talk to people about the genre, and whilst I traditionally like the insular, inward self-sabotaging acts of true hate and loathing, I want to explain what the genre can be in those moments when not consumed by its own loathing, when not burdened by the weight of its own complicated history and the associations people have with it.

(but I'm only saying this because part of one of her solo videos was filmed in Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, which I found hilarious.)

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... and it's that Jennie's cover is the best cover for the new BLACKPINK Japanese album.

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why do I watch this stuff? I am so sad about the members that didn't make it for the new Rinahamu group, I almost wish I had never known.

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@melodicake icon resizing! I swear this used to be so easy in MS Paint. Why is it so hard to find anything that does it now?!

i failed to account for the fact that re-watching AKBINGO! would mean re-experiencing graduations all over again. 🙍‍♀️

Saber spoilers 

No way! oh holy shit! No way! I can't! If this is really my Nao-chan?! playing Oogami's wife? Holy shit, holy shit!

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