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imagine being the proprietor of a nightclub but then when people arrive at your club excited for a night out, they realise you're only playing GIRL's GIRL by Oomori Seiko on loop *all night*.

youtube right now is exclusively playing CY8ER and, ah, PIG DESTROYER for me, and every time I hear CY8ER, I feel the need to remind you all of what we had for five short years.

Daily posting CY8ER songs because it makes me feel nostalgic. I think I'm just going to suck it up and pay 3680 yen for the last album, despite the fact that this is clearly extortion.

When younger, I told my mother that I wanted to marry Kathleen Hanna, and all she said in reply was that she hoped that I didn't.

I also appreciate the fact that Mako and Usagi just have an entire sequence hanging out in Claire's Accessories. Highly relatable.

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the live action show does such a wonderful job of showing how hardcore Sailor Jupiter is. <3

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“I aimed to become someone who made people swoon regardless of gender. To become the ultimate girlfriend!” You and me both, Rio, you and me both.

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