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cdjapan, what's the point in emailing me to say there's a new listing when the item in question is already marked as "sold out" on the site?

I love Koike Rina, and I need to talk to you about this. She's so wholesome in everything she's in, and I find it really uncomfortable whenever I see pictures of her in her early teens doing bathing suit photoshoots, and it absolutely weirds me out that she has been a solo idol since she was 10, but I think she's such a great idol and actress, and she even shines in her bit part role in Kamen Rider Kiva, and I want everyone to support her.

i love the choreography in 1993's early Sailor Moon musical, Summer Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen.

I've watched three different performances of this same musical three nights in a row, and every time I cry at the end, because I'm so predictable.

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I hope you're not all sick of Sailor Moon, because, ah, I just find out there's a whole SERIES of Sailor Moon musicals where she faces of against Dracula. Against. DRACULA. and I am absolutely obliged to watch these.

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a photographic representation of the internet calling me out for only supporting the weird members of groups.

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please enjoy this video of Yamada Nana in an oversized shirt dancing with sweet and spicy Kadowaki Kanako to old NMB songs from 10 years ago (yes, really)!

Ishii Mikako is so, so charming, she's so lovely when she talks to the younger cast, I love her.

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I love how, during the waving at the end, they must have specifically filmed footage of Shiraishi Mai waving to play on a screen above the stage.

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i feel like I'm too old to be one of the Sailor Scouts but maybe someone will let me be the voice of Artemis, or cast be as Queene Beryl, lol. I feel like I have big I-hate-all-life energy so I'd be a pretty good choice for Beryl, you'd think.

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