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@kingu_platypus_gidora as Bakugan is Canadian (!) please can you confirm whether there are like huge banners and processions celebrating the franchise as a national treasure in Canada?

@melodicake bleeding cool is awful &c. but I am conditioned now that whenever I see anything featuring either a.) Robin or b.) Batgirl to send it to you.

she almost caught me out again today, but I've done pretty good these past few years avoiding Olivia Rodrigo songs so I don't come on here all the time and cry about them and relate deeply because I'm now in like my second or third puberty.

Life hack: if you put Perfume on and play SMTIII with the volume turned down and just run forward in a straight line, you can trick your brain into thinking you are playing Rez.

seriously though, I am an easy mark for these 20th anniversary MoMusu reissues.

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HEY! I just read the first two chapters of Welcome Back, Alice by Oshimi Shuzo and this may be my favourite comic since Balance Policy!

Hey, guys, remember 14-years-ago, when I suddenly got into pop music from Thailand?

full on oshihen to Camila Cabello. this like the first time I've seen this video, it's fucking great.

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