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I keep thinking of that bit in that LE SSERAFIM video where they're like rolling on the floor, and then uncharitably comparing it this.

Hello, friends. In an attempt to be relevant and cool, I watched the MV for LE SSERAFIM's FEARLESS... and I don't get it. It's, ah... it's not idol music, is it?

Bring back Christmas! Bring back long-haired Okada Nana! 🎄 🎂 🎉 🍰 🎅 This message brought to you by the Courtney Can't Deal With Change Party, a registered charity.

I'm rewatching New Police Story, and a.) fuck me, despite being hideously macabre, is it still a good film, and b.) it's nice to remember a time when we could suspend our disbelief and pretend that the HK police are the good guys.

K-pop friends! I know I'm late to the conversation, but Don't Go by LOONA & Kep1er came on shuffle in the middle of me playing like tons of Showapop and T. Swift, and it's really good, right? It fits right in. Sorry for this very cold take.

Friends! It's the last part of our All Cats Are Beautiful serial! Come and cheer with us for the awkwardness of being young!

I slept in and absolutely forgot it was Friday! Shame on me! A million apologies for the latest, but at last, here is part three of our new All Cats Are Beautiful serial!

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