I thought that, as part of studying today, I'd go through the massive box of CDs under my bed that I have no space to put anywhere, and record some of them to tape as an excuse to write out the inlays, and two things struck me:

1.) for the girl who likes writing kanji, early AKB singles used a lot of really awkward to write kanji.


2.) I have a lot of shit in here. Like, I have HINOI Team CDs from when they were first released? What have I been doing with my life? 🙍‍♀️

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I feel like songs such as Sakura no Shiori are what make so special. And the video was directed by Iwai Shunji which makes it a one-two punch of emotional weight. youtu.be/lhEK1mxOm-I

I will do something about this box one day when I have a place big enough to put them all out. At present I have like three racks on display, but the rest of them have to lament for now in these huge storage boxes covered in stickers under the bed.

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