no one told me that Miyazaki Miho was *still* in AKB? What has she been doing?! I thought she graduated years ago!!

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@miasmicfungus yeah shes still around! she's most known for her appearance on produce48, she was one of the members that was pretty popular but didn't make the cut for izone (though not one of the girls that was deliberately cheated out). other than that she's pretty active on youtube, she doesn't get many 48g gigs (no senbatsu in years) but otherwise she's been doing relatively well

@melodicake that's amazing. I absolutely never would have guessed. I can't remember seeing her since, like... Iiwake Maybe. This Produce48 stuff that I kind of went out of my way to avoid has proven to be like a massive black hole in my understanding of what AKB have become.

@miasmicfungus pd48 is definitely a huge part of akb's current standing i think, i mean you dont need to watch it to get it (i havent seen an episode lol) but it's definitely a big factor in where akb are now along with the ngt case and other stuff

@melodicake I feel really guilty for not understanding but also... G-d, I'm really put off by the reality TV contest show nature of that stuff. *crawls away with her tail between her legs back to 2009*

@miasmicfungus tbh from the clips ive seen of it its probably not worth watching, especially in hindsight with the rigging scandal all out in the open. that and izone's been disbanded so there isnt much of a point unless you want to hatewatch it for constantly shitting on the 48g girls lol. kpop survival shows are a Lot

@melodicake yeah, I definitely think I'll pass, I really, really don't like the sound of any of that!

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