I mean, don't quote me on this. But if I was going to pick a current member, I'd pick Macharin.

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is there a stream for the esports event later? Please tell there's going to be a stream for this!

I feel like songs such as Sakura no Shiori are what make so special. And the video was directed by Iwai Shunji which makes it a one-two punch of emotional weight. youtu.be/lhEK1mxOm-I

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I thought that, as part of studying today, I'd go through the massive box of CDs under my bed that I have no space to put anywhere, and record some of them to tape as an excuse to write out the inlays, and two things struck me:

I will forever feel mildly embarrassed of the fact that I used to send birthday/christmas cards to Sashihara and Akimoto Manatsu of Nogizaka, writing them out in bad Japanese with a big thick marker pen. fml.

is it creepy if, when we next finally get to go karaoke next, I sing Oshiete Mommy? Uh, asking for a friend. youtu.be/bYtQncyA__g

Introductory post: expect future exposition on , Japanese superheroes, blast beats, and frequent links to Dreamwidth.

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