@melodicake I think that when you have someone who is very driven, very focused like both Himari Tsukishiro and Kisaragi Megumi seem to be, then there is bound to be friction, and if unchecked... well yeah, I guess Necroma is the perfect example; a revolving door is absolutely the best way to put it. The NGT stuff probably should go under this umbrella too. I guess being driven leads to a lack of consideration of others in all these circumstances which leads to some horrible justifications.

@melodicake I think there's a lot going on behind the scenes, and I really don't envy them and feel bad for them, but at the same time... like just do one good thing not lots of mediocre things, lol. Ever since the Seiko thing, I've been thinking a lot about these sort of groups, about Necronomidol's rep too. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some difficult longterm members in codomomental making it hard for new members to want to be a part of such groups.

@melodicake you summed up exactly what I was thinking. I haven't been that hot on new ZKSD stuff either if I am honest, and I don't want to say bad stuff but I feel frustrated as codomomental started the year on a real high, but since then all the bands feel like they're treading water. I can't tell you how tired I am of ZKSD releasing albums of re-recorded old songs. It feels like they're doing it every three months.

@melodicake I mean Noa is great in everything, and I'd never want to disparage the members at all, but the song is just so lacklustre for a Kaqriyoterror single.

@melodicake oh, do you know, so unhappy was I with the general direction of Full Time Dive that I failed to notice her.

@melodicake yeah, it absolutely feels like the Japanese single of a K-Pop group. I'm glad I'm not crazy.

@melodicake OH! THIS! I REMEMBER THIS! For like months afterwards I was like "oh my, oh my, oh my gosh" at everything.

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