(last revised 15th January, 2001) This file is subject to revision, as necessary 1.) The Sozzled Sophists mailing list is a forum for invited writers to discuss *whatever* projects they may have been working on recently and a chance to receive feedback from other like minded individuals. There are quite a few *-author lists out there for specific *F sites but, having been ground level at the workings of some of these sites, we hope that Sozzled Sophists will provide a unique perspective on all of these things rather than focusing solely upon site. The list is for every piece of writing you may have committed to paper in your entire life. From poetry to fanfiction to pornography. 2.) There's no such thing as an off-topic thread. Well, there is but we're not *all* cunts, are we? Things go off-topic, that's partly the fun of mailing lists. Don't get pissed off if you suddenly find an email message that doesn't seem to have a point. There's always the Digest format or you could simply ignore the thread. Because of the concept of the group there are going to be some threads that you will not feel compelled to get involved with but may be enjoyable to others. Respect that fact and refer to the previously mentioned options of receiving emails. 3.) You'll make more friends if you're polite rather than just wandering in and shouting about how 'irrelevant' a thread is or complaining that your story/prop has not been mentioned for a day or two. It takes time to read stories and proposals and everyone on this list has their fair share of real life problems. Be patient. 4.) Flames are not welcome. Whilst the whole point of the list is feedback (and you are expected to be honest when replying) it won't hurt if you're polite. 5.) If you flame someone you will be denied the ability to post and receive mail for a week. The same applies to chain letters, spam etc. If you continue to flame/spam after you're first chance you will be banned from the list. Sounds like a bastard, doesn't it? Look at the history of the group and count the arguments. We don't want it happening again. 6.) Believe it or not there *are* format guidelines. Once upon a time everyone used to post stories etc. in whatever format they felt like. The trouble with such a policy is that there are some people on the list who prefer not to use Microsoft products. For that reason please post your stories etc. in either *.txt format or *.html format only. Thank you. 7.) Please label the topic clearly in the title of your message. There are some ongoing projects on Sozzled Sophists such as Mahabharata and IFS which not all writers are involved in. For the sake of these writers, please label your messages clearly so they know which ones they may not wish to read. Stories also should be labelled in the title of the message as well i.e. if I were sending an particular issue of a particular series for a particular site then all someone else should be able to look at the title and instantly understand what the story pertains to. Important Abbreviations: [DCF] DC Futures fanfiction group. [DCy2] DC: Year Two fanfiction group. [DHF] Dark Horse: Futures fanfiction group. [IFS] Image: Future Shock fanfiction group. [IFSe] image Futures: Second Edition fanfiction group. [M] The Mahabharata project. [MU: TF] Marvel Universe: Transformed fanfiction group. [My2] Marvel: Year Two fanfiction group. [v2] The v2 project. [YY] YesterYear fanfiction group. 8.) Binaries are not appreciated, neither are *.zips. Please use the Sozzled Sophists page's file section on www.egroups.co.jp for uploading such items and then notify the group by email. Thank you for your time. Sorry if you want to unsubscribe already. ;) La tristesse durera.

An instance for the discussion of every piece of writing you may have committed to paper in your entire life.